still TeX’ing

March 15, 2012

Just want to let all of you know we’re still alive and well, and in fact receiving multiple thousands of visits each month (and that’s not counting embedded PNGs). 

mathURL is a pretty simple service with a limited set of goals, so it’s been pretty quiet on the update front — I really can’t think of anything that needs updating within the parameters of our mission. Any suggestions? Let me know.

Otherwise, keep TeX’ing!


15 Responses to “still TeX’ing”

  1. Francesco Says:

    Some colors to better understand in long formulas which part is what would be a real nice addition.

  2. Francesco Says:

    Also, at least in “paragraph” mode it would be nice to have the possibility of a longer input, currently it takes less than half a theorem to get “error: length exceded”. (they are long theorems, I know!)

  3. I love you and want to marry you. You’re a life saver! (Just don’t ever come down – I have too many embedded pngs)


  4. If you still want suggestions, it’d be nice to use a more complex editor like CodeMirror ( instead of just a plain textarea.

  5. kpedro88 Says:

    I noticed today that PNGs are no longer rendering – it just shows the “loading” icon forever. (Tried in both Firefox and Chrome.) Probably a process needs to be restarted on your server. If you get the chance, a fix would be appreciated…

  6. kpedro88 Says:

    Sorry to complain again, but it seems like {align*} equations aren’t rendering. Regular equations are working fine.

    • mathurl Says:

      Bizzare! It’s not clear to me what the issue is. Looking into it…

      • mathurl Says:

        Sorry for the delay! Apparently \begin{align*} was never actually valid in equation mode, but somehow older versions of AMS-LaTeX were letting it pass. Let me know if \begin{aligned} works for you.

  7. Sebastian Says:

    I really miss a https version. When i want to incorporate a mathurl png into a documentation, it complains about the unsecure connection and doesn’t show the png.

    Beside that, it’s a wonderful tool!

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