September 20, 2008

As of tonight, mathurl has some new features:

  1. Explicit mode selction. Choose whether your LaTeX should be interpreted in math mode, inline math mode, or text mode.
  2. Faster previewing. On browsers supporting JavaScript, preview images are loaded faster, without having to reload the entire page.
  3. Access keys. The “preview” and “make mathurl” buttons are access key enabled. Hit Ctrl+P (on a Mac) or Alt+P (on Windows) to activate the preview button, and likewise with M to make a mathurl.

Enjoy! (And please report any bugs you may encounter…)


4 Responses to “updates”

  1. mathurl Says:

    Bug #1: the Ctrl+P access key conflicts with emacs keybindings for Firefox, i.e. the Firemacs plugin. Doesn’t prevent use though… just a lot of extraneous preview loads.

  2. diN0bot Says:

    great features. the Make MathURL button is already useful for sharing math equations. i love how one can easily go back and edit it. very collaborative.

    i’ve added an API/OSS feature request on the feedback page.

    nice work. thanks.

  3. Lee Says:

    I think there’s an error in the d/dx button… a closing brace appears to be missing in the numerator.

    Thanks for an awesome applet!

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